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What Jill's Clients Have to Say

Working with Jill has brought clarity to the frustrations and struggles in my life that I previously could not even identify. I come away from my sessions with practical tools to use immediately that both minimize my responses to triggers and help me cope and move forward when the struggles feel too big. Jill integrates both brain research and embodiment practices into each session while creating a comfortable space of empathy and understanding; both leading and walking alongside her clients. I'm so grateful for the work she is doing.


Jill is a fantastic coach; she is sweet and compassionate. I love how her coaching is so tailored to my journey. Even within a short amount of time, I made a lot of progress. She led me to uncover my values, and with them, we developed a mantra that has helped me through the most challenging moments of my journey. I couldn't be happier to have her as my coach.


Jill has become an invaluable friend and mentor as she has also been in my shoes with disordered eating and body image struggles. Because this has been her lived experience, she brings such insight and calm to a sometimes chaotic healing journey. Her Intuitive Eating course has been a lifeline as it is leading me to profound discovery!


"I highly recommend referring clients to Jill Gentry for her Intuitive Eating Coaching. I've referred a few of my psychotherapy clients to Jill for coaching and they saw positive results immediately - after their first meeting with her! Jill's coaching style is an incredible balance of compassion with direct information and practical steps to begin healing. Jill brings a depth of education to her clients to nonjudgmentally heal neural pathways that are stuck in shame cycles creating disordered eating patterns. Jill's step by step approach has been an amazing balance to support and guide my clients in their journey of healing shame and complex trauma. Each week my client's see her, I'm more and more inspired by the incredible work she is doing with them and the balance with their psychotherapy work has been really effective. I can't recommend Jill Gentry with a higher regard for the work she's doing!" 



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Megan Fisher, MA, LMHC

Jill's passion for helping people aligns perfectly with her gifts of wisdom and discernment. My work with her has enabled me to reframe thoughts that have historically been anxiety provoking, such that I feel better equipped to move forward with a healthier, more peaceful mindset.




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